Tipo: SVS21


~ 172 mm
Typ SVS21 von E-T-A: SVS21 für DIN-Hutschienenmontage verteilt die vom DC 24 V Schaltnetzteil eingespeisten Spannungspot.

The power distribution system SVS21 for DIN rail mounting distributes all voltage potentials supplied by a 24 V power supply (SMPS) onto 8 ways and selectively protects the connected loads by means of the circuit breaker fitted. With a max. load current of 8 A per way and a max. total current of 40 A the SVS21 provides ease of distribution and sub-distribution in short-circuit-limited DC 24 V applications. The protected »L+« load outputs per way allow direct connection of 0 V return conductor or functional earth (FE) and help to significantly reduce wiring time.

Suitable for the following E-T-A circuit breaker types:
electronic circuit breaker    ESS30..
electronic circuit protector    ESX10-103..

Datos técnicos

Mounting method DIN rail
Circuit breaker type electronics


Número de pedido Descripción
Y 303 881 08

Puente de conductor aislado


  • Automatización
  • Industria alimentaria y farmacéutica
  • Industria química, petroquímica y del gas
  • Técnica de centrales eléctricas DC 24 V


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