Tipo: 3131-A


~ 51 mm
Typ 3131-A von E-T-A: Einpolige Kombination Schutzschalter/Ein-Aus-Schalter mit Schaltwippe.

Combination of single pole circuit breaker and ON/OFF switch with soft-touch rocker actuation. Contoured rockers are available with a choice of colours and legends, with optional illumination. The 3131 is sealed to provide IP66 rated front of panel water splash protection.

It meets the requirements of circuit breaker standard EN 60934 (IEC 60934): S type, TO.

Datos técnicos

Voltage rating
  • AC 240 V
  • DC 28 V
Current ratings de 0.1 A hasta 20 A  
Number of poles single pole
Mounting method flange
Terminal design blade terminals
screw terminals
Actuation rocker
Auxiliary contacts without auxiliary contacts
Water splash protection without water splash protection
Illumination with illumination
with illumination
Typical life 30,000 operations at 1 x IN, inductive
Interrupting capacity Icn 0.1...2 A: 10 x IN

2.5...20 A: 200 A
Certificates UL 1500 Ignition Protected UL 1077 VDE (EN 60934)


Número de pedido Descripción

Elemento de mando para tipo 3131 con diferentes marcas

Y 308 790 01

Pieza lateral bastidor de montaje

Y 308 791 01

Pieza central bastidor de montaje


  • Embarcaciones & vehículos
  • Herramientas, electrodomésticos y aparatos de jardinería
  • Luminotecnia
  • Técnica médica


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