Smart relays SCS


The SCS product family (Smart Control Systems) is particularly suitable for the use in trucks, buses, construction machinery and emergency cars as well as agricultural vehicles and forestry equipment.

The SCS product group unites intelligent systems, power distribution units and components with communication capabilities, e.g. via CAN. Due to a customer-specific software, they can easily be included in existing structures.
Smart components of E-T-A are available for DC 12 V and DC 24 V applications.


Modern semi-conductors in combination with a customer-specific software are a feature of these SCS components.

Software and specification requirements are set up in direct co-operation with our customers. Alternatively, we are able to offer the option to programme these mini control units by an intuitive, graphical design environment.

Typ SCS10 von E-T-A: Das smarte Relais SCS10 gehört zu den kleinsten Komponenten der SCS Produktfamilie.


Smart relay in a standard enclosure ISO 7588 MINI

Typ SCS20 von E-T-A: Das smarte Modul SCS20 ist ein universell einsetzbares Kleinsteuergerät in einem Modulgehäuse.


CAN module with blade terminals, 8 I/Os, 2 H-bridges @ 10 A

Typ SCS30 von E-T-A: Das smarte Modul SCS30 ist ein universell einsetzbares Kleinsteuergerät in einem Modulgehäuse.


Smart module with terminal rail, 8 I/Os, 8 outputs @ up to 2 A

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