Special relays


The special solid state relay portfolio is used in all applications where mechanical relays reach their limits. These devices switch frequently, noiselessly and faster than mechanical relays. They are especially suitable for the use in trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles and forestry equipment, construction machinery, special vehicles and emergency cars as well as watercraft.
The EXR30 special relay is available for DC 23 V applications. EXR10, EXR20 and EXR40 are additionally suitable for DC 24 V applications. All relays of this product group fit into standard automotive relay sockets to ISO 7588.

Technical design

Solid state relays combine high-end power semi-conductors with comprehensive know-how in the areas of heat management, EMC-compliant design and overcurrent protection. These relays stand out due their special additional functionalities.


Typ EDX10 von E-T-A: Das EDX10 zeichnet sich durch ein Relaisgehäuse mit eingebauten Dioden aus.


diode array in a relay enclosure


Voltage stabiliser in a relay enclosure


Special solid state relay with diagnostic functionalities and overcurrent protection

Typ EXR20 von E-T-A: EXR20 (Electronic eXtra Relay) wurde speziell für die Ansteuerung von Elektromotoren entwickelt.


Special solid state relay for control of electric motors


Electronic extra relay with momentary switch for on and off switching


Electronic extra relay for windscreen wiper applications


Electronic extra relay as voltage monitor

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